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Live performance by The Light Surgeons with musician Ng Chor Guan


Creative Director: Christopher Thomas Allen
Leading Artists: Christopher Thomas Allen and Tim Cowie
Camera: Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie, Fauzi Yusoff and Fariz Hanapiah
Editing and Post-Production: Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie, Fauzi Yusoff, Fariz Hanapiah, Jai Rafferty and Helen Omand

Multisensory, dazzling and explosive, SuperEverything* is the latest live cinema performance project by The Light Surgeons, a UK-based art collective, exploring the relationship between identity, ritual and place. The project explores these universal themes using a combination of observational documentary footage, motion graphics, creative programming and original music production to create a poetic audiovisual tapestry that forms a rich, kaleidoscopic view of the cultural landscape of Malaysia. The project was filmed on location across Peninsular Malaysia and brings together a collection of Malaysia’s cutting-edge musical and visual artists, including musician Ng Chor Guan, who will perform live at this performance.

SuperEverything* explores who we are as human beings and how our complex identities are connected to our everyday environments through a multitude of rituals. It is a journey through Malaysia’s past to understand our shared present.

Founded in 1995 by artist and filmmaker Christopher Thomas Allen, The Light Surgeons is a pioneering multimedia production company that continues to redefine multimedia artistry with its audiovisual performances, cinema projects and installations.

Category: Film with Live Performance
Nov. 09, 2012
7:30 PM
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Nov. 10, 2012
7:30 PM
SUPEREVERYTHING* Asia Society Texas Center Buy Ticket