Portraits of Women Artists: Lover Other / Maya Deren’s Sink

Run Time: 85 min. | United States | Language: English

With director Barbara Hammer.


Pioneer or LGBT cinema, Barbara Hammer will present her films Lover Other (2006, 55 min) and Maya Deren’s Sink (2011, 30 min).

Lover Other is a collage of photographs, documents, interviews, lyrical passages, and dramatized scenes that recalls the lives of two surrealist artists and lesbian Resistance fighters, whose work and whose fate has largely been forgotten: Claude Cahun and her girlfriend and lover Marcel Moore. Cahun and Moore, stepsisters who fell in love around 1910, are regarded as the first lesbian couple to live and work together as artists.

When the Germans occupied Jersey, France in 1940, the two girlfriends embarked upon a campaign of artistic resistance, putting up posters, writing manifestos and pamphlets with which they hoped to incite the occupying forces to mutiny. In 1944, both women were arrested by the Gestapo and sentenced to death; the majority of their artistic output was destroyed. They were released from imprisonment after the island was liberated in May of 1945. Claude Cahun was never to recover from the experience.

Maya Deren’s Sink explores the avant-garde film pioneer Deren’s concepts of space, time, and form through visits and projections filmed in her LA and NY homes. Light projections in Deren’s intimate space evoke a former time and space providing entree into the homes of an influential filmmaker we will never know. The film reclaims the spaces that inspired her work in order to share it with audiences. Time and space are collapsed as film locations of the 40’s are re-imagined in the present.

Performances by an actor, based on Deren’s film and writing, as well as overlooked biographical insights, reveal a creative personality untouched by convention. Voices of the past speaking from doorways, windows, and picture frames include the current L.A. and NYC home owners: Teiji Ito’s second wife, Judith Malina, Carolee Schneemann, Ross Lipman, and others. The experimental soundtrack is compiled and augmented by the music of Teiji Ito (Maya’s third husband) and Tavia Ito, Teiji’s daughter.

Part of “Cinema on the Verge,” which highlights the most adventurous film and installation work by experimental media artists.

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2006, 2011
Category: Documentary - Visual Arts
Nov. 07, 2013
4:00 PM
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