Time Shift: The Films of Scott Stark

Run Time: 70 min. | United States | Language: English

With Scott Stark and Michael Sicinski.

Austin-based media artist Scott Stark’s newest work is entitled The Realist, which is both ironic and absolutely spot-on. For over thirty years, Stark’s work has explored the capacities of both film and video to warp, distort, compress, and distend the contours of time and space. But in so doing, Stark has produced an odd sort of “realism,” one that asks us to look and listen deeper than the surface of things. Tonight’s program is about making things strange, and perhaps getting reacquainted with an ordinary world we thought we knew well.

Time Shift: The Films of Scott Stark is a co-presentation of the Houston Cinema Arts Festival and the Blaffer Museum’s On Screen series, supported by the University of Houston’s Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts. On Screen programmer and film critic Michael Sicinski will moderate a Q&A with Scott Stark following the screenings.

Traces (2012, 7 mins.)
Everyday shadows and surfaces combine to generate their own “pattern language.”

Hotel Cartograph (1983, 12 mins.)
Stark runs roughshod over a labyrinthine carpet that consumes our field of vision. No one is escaping from Tessellation Row.

Speechless (2008, 13 mins.)
Drawn from a medical textbook on the clitoris, these 3D images of vaginas, once passive before the clinical gaze, bound back to life. Viewer discretion is advised.

Shape Shift (2004, 2 mins.)
Stark’s own body under the lens, morphed and fragmented, screwed and chopped.

The Realist (2013, 36 mins.)
A look into the secret lives of mannequins. Consumerism’s tremulous unconscious. A ballet méchanique struggling to achieve its grand jeté. Digital Video for Dummies.

Co-presenting partner: Blaffer Art Museum.

Part of “Cinema on the Verge,” which highlights the most adventurous film and installation work by experimental media artists.


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1983 - 2013
Category: Narrative - Visual Arts
Nov. 10, 2013
1:00 PM
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