Texas Filmmakers Showcase

Run Time: 91 min. | United States | Language: English


With Alfred Cervantes and guest artists to be announced

The Texas Filmmakers Showcase, organized by the Houston Film Commission, is a special screening event consisting of the best Texas short films and videos. Each year, the program is presented to executives in the Hollywood film community, with subsequent screenings around Texas throughout the rest of the year.

Cork’s Cattlebaron by Eric Steele (15:15 min.)
Two men sit down for a life-changing steak dinner in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Garden and the Wilderness by Craig Whitney (27:19 min.)
A poetic re-imagining of the Western genre, The Garden and the Wilderness examines the dramatic themes of life on the frontier, refracted through the lens of 21st century realities.

Hellion by Kat Candler (6:25 min.)
All hell breaks loose when Petey is left with his hell raising brothers. But things go from bad to really, really bad when dad comes home.

Little Lions by Tony Costello (9:56 min.)
Cosmo spends his days roughhousing with this little brother and sister, and the games don’t stop when he
discovers an injured bird in their backyard. Little Lions is the story of a boy who’s just starting to figure it

Vincent Valdez: Excerpts for John by Angela & Mark Walley (11:53 min.)
Two years in the making, this short documentary film captures the creative process of artist Vincent Valdez. Filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley follow Valdez as he creates a series of works dedicated to his childhood best friend John Holt Jr., an Army combat medic, who died in 2009 after serving in Iraq.

Vultures of Tibet by Russell Oliver Bush (21:01 min.)
In rapidly developing Western China, Sky Burial, a sacred ritual in which the bodies of Tibetan dead are fed to wild griffon vultures, becomes a popular tourist attraction.

Category: Shorts
Nov. 09, 2013
12:15 PM
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