Sleepless Nights Stories

Run Time: | United States | Language: English

With director Jonas Mekas.
USA, 2011
Directed by Jonas Mekas
Cinematography by Thomas Boujut, Louis Garrel, Jonas Lozoraitis, Jonas Mekas, Benn Northover
Editing by Elle Burchill, Jonas Mekas
Music by Dan Zhu
Cast: Raimund Abraham, Marina Abramovič, Björk, Harmony Korine, Yoko Ono, Patti Smith,Thomas Boujut, Louis Garrel, Phong Bui, Louise Bourgeois, Pip Chodorov
Running time: 114 minutes

Director Jonas Mekas, 90, continues to enthrall audiences by recording the seemingly mundane happenings in his life. Unable to sleep, Mekas escapes into 25 intimate stories with luminaries including Marina Abromovič, Patti Smith, Yoko Ono, and Louis Garrel. Björk even gives him a ride to the airport. We travel with Mekas through apartments to art openings, dinner parties, backstage rooms, bars and clubs, sharing his curiosity and vigor for his friends and their worlds. A delightful and relaxing time vacuum, Sleepless Nights Stories invites the audience on a deeply personal journey helmed by one of the greatest avant-garde filmmakers living today.

Mekas writes: “The subjects of the stories cover a wide range of emotions, geographies, personal anxieties, anecdotes. These are not very big stories, not for the Big Screen: these are all personal big stories… And yes, you’ll also find some provocations… But that’s me, one “me” of many. The very question What is a story? is a provocative question.”

Co-presenting partner: Deborah Colton Gallery.

Deborah Colton Gallery will also present select photographic works and video installations by Jonas Mekas in an exhibition entitled Life Goes On…I Keep Singing during HCAF 2013.

Part of “Cinema on the Verge,” which highlights the most adventurous film and installation work by experimental media artists.

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Category: Narrative - Visual Arts
Nov. 08, 2013
3:00 PM
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