Réquiem NN

Run Time: 67 min. | Colombia, Canada | Language: Spanish

Trailer: http://www.requiemnnfilm.com/trailer.html

With director Juan Manuel Echavarría and executive producer Margarita De la Vega-Hurtado.

Colombia, 2013
Directed by Juan Manuel Echavarría
Cinematography by Omar Gutiérrez
Edited by: Alan Wild Guerrero
Running time: 68 minutes

Directed by acclaimed Colombian artist Juan Manuel Echavarría, Réquiem NN is an evocative documentary film, in which a community defies the culture of violence by keeping alive the memory of the disappeared. The town of Puerto Berrío, which sits on a bend near Colombia’s Magdalena River, has been at the center of the conflict between various armed groups such as guerrillas, the army, paramilitaries, and drug traffickers, enduring uninterrupted cycles of violence.

For over 30 years, local townspeople have fished out the remains of victims of violence, called No Names (NNs), drifting downstream. Yet for over several years now, the locals have adopted these unidentified corpses and baptized them. They decorate and visit their graves and honor their memory as one would for a lost family member—all because, according to their faith, this guarantees divine protection and special favors.

Since 2006, Echavarría has traveled to the Puerto Berrío’s cemetery to document these rituals, first through photography and now through film. With a lyrical and reflective eye, the film addresses the ways in which we respond to violence by portraying a community that restores the value and dignity of life, while confronting bitter cruelty and loss.

HCAF will also present the Réquiem NN Photo Exhibit of Echavarría’s photographs at the Festival Headquarters. Juan Manuel Echavarría is an established artist with a cinematic vision, whose work is easily at home at art galleries and film theaters. He has been featured at the Venice Biennale, MoMA, the San Francisco and Toronto Film Festivals, and the Flaherty Film Seminar, among other venues.

Part of “Cinema on the Verge,” which highlights the most adventurous film and installation work by experimental media artists.

On November 7, 7PM at Rice Media Center, go to a special screening of Réquiem NN and a discussion with Juan Manuel Echavarría and Luis Duno-Gottberg, Duncan College Master, Associate Professor Caribbean and Film Studies at Rice University.  FREE ADMISSION to the November 7th screening. Rice Media Center’s Cinema is located at the corner of University Blvd and Stockton, entrance #8 on the Rice University Campus. The parking in front of the Rice Media Center only offers 15-minute’s parking. For more parking information, please visit the Rice University parking info website.

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