Charlie Ahearn’s Hip-Hop Videos

Run Time: 77 min. | United States | Language: English

With director Charlie Ahearn.

Charlie Ahearn, director of the now-classic hip hop film Wild Style (1983) and documentary portrait Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer (2013), will present a selection of musical shorts created over the past five years. These works include collaborations with hip hop pioneers, such as Grandmaster Caz and young groups like NINE11THESAURUS, and take the viewer on a musical ride to Berlin, Baltimore, Las Vegas, and across New York.

Bongo Barbershop – (8 min., 2005) Hip hop pioneer Grandmaster Caz meets new African MC Balozi Dola rhyming in Swahili.

Busy On The Beach – (4 min., 2006) Busy Bee and his bullhorn takes us on a hip hop tour of his Baltimore ‘hood “the beach”.

Brothers Fantastic – (7 min., 2007) Brothers Rob and Kev (of The Fantastic Five in Wild Style) practice rhymes and harmonies at home

Busy On The Autobahn – (11 min., 2008) Wild Style the Sampler’s Euro club tours with The Chief Rocker Busy Bee as he checks the Berlin Wall graffiti.

Eskalators on the One Train – (3:45 min., 2009) Eskalators take over New York’s One Train creating chaos and music from South Ferry to the South Bronx.

Las Vegas Flip – (8 min., 2010) What happens in Las Vegas…

Subway Sampler – (8 min., 2012) Dreamlike NYC train scenes with performers.

Claudius on the One Train – (5:30 min., 2012) Prodigy violinist enthralls subway.

All City Take It to the Bridge – (6:35 min., 2010) with DOA, NINE11THESAURUS, Lucky Chops. Bushwick youth hip hop meets brass band on Brooklyn Bridge.


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