Enzo Avitabile: Music Life

Run Time: 80 min. | Italy | Language: Italian

Italy, 2012
Directed by Jonathan Demme
Cinematography by Vincenzo Pascolo
Editing by Giogiò Franchini
Music by Enzo Avitabile
Cast: Enzo Avitabile, Eliades Ochoa, Naser Shamma
Running time: 80 minutes

In this unforgettable portrait, Oscar®-winning director Jonathan Demme captures the passion and brilliance of Enzo Avitabile, a world-renowned Neapolitan saxophonist and singer/songwriter. Demme, a long admirer of Avitabile’s music, deftly investigates the fusion of Neapolitan music, world music, and jazz while at the same time exploring Naples, a city of treasures and contradictions.

As Enzo creates amazing new music with collaborators from all over the world, including Eliades Ochoa of Buena Vista Social Club, Naseer Shamma, Daby Touré, and Trilok Gurtu, we learn about his commitment to musical research and his love of musical experimentation. A unique and lively personality, Avitabile’s life is a passionate and colorful world from which Demme paints a truly engaging portrait.

Jonathan Demme began his film career as a writer and producer for Roger Corman in 1971, and has gone on to direct and produce more than 30 movies. Demme’s films, which have been nominated for 20 Academy Awards®, include Philadelphia, Rachel Getting Married, The Manchurian Candidate (2004), and The Silence of the Lambs, for which he won the Oscar® for Best Director in 1991.

Category: Documentary - Performing Arts
Nov. 10, 2013
4:15 PM
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