Run Time: 79 min. | United States | Language: English

With director Thomas Hackett, producer Willie Rockefeller, and actress Dawnica Mathis

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USA, 2012
Screenwriter and Director: Thomas Hackett
Composer: Hilary York
Cast: Will Brittain, Chris Doubek, Jordan Jones, Hilary York, Dawnica Mathis
Running time: 79 min.

Winner of First Prize at the Athens International Film Festival, Thomas Hackett’s Austin production Big Boy tells the sometimes funny, sometimes painful story of what happens to a family and to lifelong friendships when a divorced mother joins her son’s struggling rock band. Big Boy is a coming-of-age story; only here the person coming of age is a 46-year-old divorced mother.

Holly Grace doesn’t realize just how empty her life has become until she gets lured into singing in her son’s garage band. Her 22-year-old son David isn’t thrilled with the idea of being the enabler of his mother’s self-discovery, not to mention her romantic dalliance with his best friend. But David has his own growing up to do. Still living at home, he has thrown everything he has into being the next Kurt Cobain. While his mother struggles to embrace her talent, long-buried resentments in their relationship come to the surface.

The film features music by talented local Austin singer/songwriter Hilary York, whose style sets the tone of the film. Playing the character of Holly, York is a natural: her voice is bluesy, suggestive of hard-earned wisdom. As she gets over a husband who left her for a younger woman, Holly is transformed when she sings.


Category: Narrative - Performing Arts
Nov. 10, 2012
11:00 AM
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