Now, Forager

Sundance Cinemas | TUE MAR 12 | 7:15 PM | Q&A with film co-directors Julia Halperin and Jason Cortlund

Presented in collaboration with Texas Independent Film Network

USA, 2012
Directors: Jason Cortlund, Julia Halperin
Producer: Kit Bland
Cast: Jason Cortlund, Tiffany Esteb

Lucien and Regina are foragers – they gather wild mushrooms in the woodlands of New Jersey and sell them to restaurants in New York. Their lifestyle is simple, their income unstable. To improve the financial security and to follow a more fulfilling personal career path, Regina decides to take a job cooking at a high-end restaurant. Lucien disapproves and instead, he proposes to give up their apartment and live as full-time itinerant foragers. As individual desires take them down divergent paths over the course of a year, their marriage slowly comes apart.

Tickets are available now on Sundance Cinemas website.
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Step-by-step instructions for purchasing tickets on Sundance Cinemas website:

1. On Sundance Cinemas website, mouse over to BUY TICKETS and select Houston, TX.
2. When prompted, click CONTINUE to be directed to the Showtimes & Tickets page.
3. Once the page loads, select March 12 in the mini calendar on the left side and choose Now, Forager from the list of films.
4. Select ticket category and quantity and click SELECT SEATS.
5. Select your seats using the interactive seating chart and click CONTINUE.
6. If you are satisfied with your selection, click PURCHASE.
7. Enter your credit card information and click PURCHASE.


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